A young, powerful, and wealthy businessman, who was dying of cancer, wanted to know if the life he’d lived was worthy of Heaven or Hell. After days of reflecting, he remembered a story once told to him by his favorite teacher entitled, “The Four Little P.I.G.S”.

As the story went, a wise man sitting under a tree, noticed four young men arguing nearby getting ready to fight.  With a firm voice, he asked them, “Would you young men care to join me for a bite?” The young men agreed and gathered around the wise man under the tree. While they ate, the wise man listened to them describe their reasons for wanting to fight, and he noticed that each of them exhibited four unique characteristics that was filtering their reality; Pride, Ignorance, Greed, and Stupidity. The wise man sighed, and said, “I understand completely, but consider this: which room do you choose to be in?” The young men looked around at each other in confusion. “What are you talking about, old man?! There are no rooms here! We’re outside!”

The wise man chuckled softly and said, “There are two rooms, in fact. In the first room, there is a round table suspended on a pedestal in the middle of the room and surrounded by a deep, vast pit. On this table there is the most amazing food you could ever imagine! It smells and looks so delicious! The people of this room sit around the pit’s edge, each holding a long-handled spoon, and each finding it impossible to feed themselves because the handles are longer than their arms, and they cannot get the spoons back into their mouths. So, they are thin, sickly, and dying of starvation. This room,” the wise man said, “is the room of pain, misery and suffering.”

“In the second room,” the wise man continued, “there is once again a table suspended in the middle of the room, filled with a delectable feast, yet surrounded by a deep, vast pit. The people of this room also have long-handled spoons, but instead of being malnourished, they are plump, happy and full of laughter!”

“Wait a minute,” one of the young men shouted, “how is that even possible!? It doesn’t make any sense!” The wise man looked around at each young man and, seeing how each of them still contended with pride, ignorance, greed, and stupidity, and he smiled. “It’s simple my sons. Love only requires one skill and that is to give of it freely. The people in the second room learned early on to share and feed one another out of love. While the prideful, greedy, selfish people in the first room only thought enough to care about themselves.” The young men sat contemplatively, looking around at each other again before the wise man asked, “so, which room are you in?”

The young wealthy man remembered the moral of the story: we create heaven or hell by our words, actions, and deeds in the lives of others. Excited and enlightened, the young businessman reached out to his long-lost teacher who was now an Unsung H.E.R.O. having harnessed his power to Save Lives & Assist People (S.L.A.P). Together, they were able to save his life through Simple Life -Altering Practices.

Sometimes, thinking solely of our own gratification, we tend to forget our connection to everyone and everything around us, so much so that we stop caring about people, places, and things. H.E.R.O.’s seek to change that reality by leading first with love.

We at The Unsung H.E.R.O. Project believe in the wisdom Thomas Jefferson spoke over humanity. “We hold these truths to be self-evident,  That ALL [Children and their families] are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are LifeLiberty, & The Pursuit of Happiness.” 

For  the above  reasons, we have purposed ourselves to create unity within our communities, so  all of our children and their families may be inspired to become Healthy, Educated, Responsible, and driven to create Opportunities for each other.

Help us transform our world in a positive way and positive direction.