The health, education, & social economic sustainability of a community rest within the foundation and development of its children. These foundations are what is needed to fully establish true sustainability for the future prosperity and well-being of the entire community. The foundational pillars of H.E.R.O. (Health, Education, Responsibilities, & Opportunities), is the key to attaining sustainable balance within our low-socioeconomic communities regarding our at-risk children, which shall require community cooperation and collaboration. This cooperation and collaboration must be established from within the corporate soul of our children on up, especially in the area of education, health, and accountability.  

  • We are a dedicated, global group of professionals with a common purpose and mission.
  • We are a new class of entities bringing new paradigms to achieve a new level of results in developing “Human Capital” that is healthy, educated, responsible, and creating opportunities for others.
  • We are not political or religious. We are universal and neutral.
  • We believe safe, educated children following a universal code of conduct are the foundation for a society’s best future.
  • We believe in solutions that generate results with less talking.
  • We believe in the power of new paradigms to replace old non-working ones that effect change and create results.
  • We are committed to bringing the best available, proven, and effective tools and resources in health and education to our future generation.
  • We are motivated to participate in our mission based on a humanitarian interest in children rather than a pure profit-motive or capitalistic gain.
  • Our overall mission objectives are broken down into smaller mission objectives which are assignable and executable by team members within their communities. 
  • We are fully committed and shall forever be great stewards of resources entrusted to us by our humanitarian benefactors.
  • We do not tolerate abuse of children, financial irregularities, fraud, or any type of criminal or dishonest behavior within our organization or any organization associated with us.
  • We follow the same code of conduct we require from anyone associated with our organization.
  • Our global mission requires love, compassion, understanding, integrity, persistence and courage. As an organization, we shall live by these qualities, so that our future generations can live a better and more productive life and create a better future for their communities, countries and the world as a whole